Accommodation and Leisure

Irreproachable hygiene is an essential factor to protect your brand image. The NEOCLEAN range is the ideal solution for the maintenance of rooms and bathrooms.

Laundry Hygiene

Our range of products for the laundry room is ideal for professional cleaning of the sponge, table linen, bedding, fringes, and uniforms.

Hygiene in the kitchen

Hygiene rules must be respected by restaurants in order to limit health risks.

Hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene can significantly reduce the spread of bacteria and germs responsible for diarrhea.

Large distributionUne A house that smells good and clean, it is priceless.
Buildings Hygiene

The NEODONGA programis essentially created for the cleaning of building sites in order to eliminate the extensive stains deposited during use, which cannot be removed via cleaning duringmaintenance. When choosingNEODONGA, you are actually opting for highperformance, user safety, as well as sustainability. Indeed, allof our products are environmentally-friendly. Our formulas are used at low dosage, thus limiting the consumption and the rejection of chemicals in the environment. All NEODONGA products are of superior quality, allowingthe efficient sanitization and maintenance oftheestablishment’s accommodation while guaranteeing the safety of your teams thanks to our safety-controlled products. The color and alphanumeric codes of the products make it easy to memorize the methodology to follow. The training provided by our teams in your workplace also guarantees a rapidly operational staff. The experience of Neodeme's environmental commitment, its triple certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 are all guarantees of quality and effectiveness.

All Surface disinfectionSurface disinfection is done by using chemicals to kill microorganisms, which further reduces the risk of the infection spreading.
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