In a permanent effort to overcome present and future challenges, NEODEME is orienting its Quality Safety Environment (QSE) approach towards the following areas:
* Increase the satisfaction of its customers.
* Commit to the compliance of legal and regulatory requirements within the framework to respect the environment and ensure health and safety at work.
* Increase the
efficiency of preventive corrective actions.
* Develop
staff skills and qualifications.
* Ensure partnership relations with interested parties.
* Master the ratios of the production.
* Optimize the consumption of primary energy.
* Develop economic intelligence.
Extend business overseas. NEODEME seeks to achieve and demonstrate an overall level of performance, for which it is committed to implementing this policy so that it is known, shared and applied at all levels.NEODEME will provide the resources needed to ensure the efficiency of its integrated management system.

THE INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (Quality - Safety - Environment)

The Quality Management System

In order to increase the satisfaction of its customers, NEODEME is committed to regularly providing services and products in accordance withtheir needs and their implicit or explicit requirements and also to legal and regulatory requirements by proposing competitive solutions in terms of deadlines, price and performance.
To achieve these objectives, NEODEME invests in the constant evolution of its quality methods
as well as its quality servicesthrough:
Providingquality control (release control) of raw materials, finished products and responding to claims and product requirements.
Overseeing monitoring and measurement equipment.
* Comply
ing with the basic requirements of Quality, Safety and Environment.
Taking up the responsibility and authority to release or not to release the product.
* Plan
ning and following the improvement actions related to the quality control activity.

The OSH Management System (Occupational Health and Safety)

NEODEMEbrings together various disciplines aimed at limiting certain harmful effects of human activities and / or machines on its personnel, visitors ... The objectives behind he implementation of the OSH Management System include:
* Ensur
ing the application of the company's health and safety at work policy.
* Identify
ing the statutory regulatory requirements and other requirements applicable to the NEODEME company in the context of the Health and Safety of Persons at Work.
* Plan
ning and following the hazards / risks related to Health and Safety at Work.
* Maintain
ing the risk / hazard of the analysis procedure and the regulatory compliance status
* Establish
ing and monitoring the OHS management program.
* Plan
ning the necessary improvement actions.
* Ensuring the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the OHS management system.

The Environmental Management System

Markets are evolving at a rapid pace while being ever more demanding. NEODEME makes sure it operates within environmentally-friendly lines.

The Environmental Management System has the following finality:
to ensure the application of the Environmental Policy of the Company.
to identify the statutory regulatory requirements and other requirements applicable to NEODEME in the context of the environment.
to maintain the environmental review procedure and the regulatory compliance status.
to plan and monitor improvement actions related to the environmental management process.
to define and evaluate significant environmental aspects (ESA).
to establish and monitor the environmental management program.
to define and ensure operational control related to significant Environmental Aspects.
to ensure the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System

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